Tuesday Art ATTACK- Laurence Herndon "The Land of Hidden Men"

LAURENCE HERNDON The Land of Hidden Men,American pulp artist Lawrence Herndon was born in in Carey, Ohio on Christmas Day 1880. In Herndon's younger years he worked at his family grocery store and saved up for art school. In 1902 he enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago. When Herndon graduated he could not find work and had to move back home to work as a grocery clerk. In 1910 he married Mary Curtis and decide to move to New York and chase his dream of becoming a professional artist. While in New York Harndon began finding work for magazines like Cosmo and Everybody. In 1918 he began his most famous work for pulp magazines. He would create many exciting and dramatic covers for pulps until 1938. In 1934 Herndon began working as a art teacher in The New York Phoenix School of Design and would work there the rest of his life. "The Land of Hidden Men" was painted in 1931 for Blue Book in oil. Herndon passed away in 1961.

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