Tuesday Art ATTACK- John George Brown “The Gang”

John George Brown The Gang British born American painter John George Brown was born in Durham, England on November 11, 1831. Since he was a child he showed an aptitude for painting but his parents were not supportive. When he was fourteen they pulled him out of school to be a glass worker's apprentice. While working as a glass worker he continued to study art and take classes. In 1853 Brown moved to New York, New york to continue his studies and work for the Brooklyn Glass Company. In New York Brown studied under Thomas Seir Cummings at the National Academy of Design. While working at the Brooklyn Glass Company, Brown fell in love with the owners daughter and soon married. This was the turning point in Brown's life. His father-in-law encouraged his art career and financially supported him when he first became a full time artist. During his career Brown's work became tremendously popular with the American public. Brown focused on painting portraits that depicted street life in New York City. His most popular work featured underprivileged youth working the streets. While Brown was not popular with art critics, his Lithographs were some of the post popular of the late-1800s. "The Gang" was painted in 1894 and is a great example of his fine rendering and composition skill. Brown passed away in 1913.

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