Tuesday Art ATTACK- Charles Goldie "An Aristocrat"

Charles Goldie An Aristocrat New Zealand artist Charles Goldie was born in Auckland, New Zealand on October 20, 1870. Goldie's father was a prominent business man in Auckland and his mother was an amateur artist. Throughout his youth Goldie won many awards for his art and received much encouragement from his mother. When he was a young man he left school to help his father with his business. While working with his father he continued to paint and studied part time under Louis John Steele. While exhibiting at the Auckland Academy of Art former Premier of New Zealand, George Grey, saw his still life's and was quite impressed. Grey convinced Goldie's father to send his son to Europe to receive more art education. Goldie studied at the Académie Julian in Paris and came back to New Zealand to focus on being a professional Fine Artist. Goldie become know for his realistic portraits of important Māori figures. His work mostly focused on elderly Māori chiefs and other high standing members in their society. This painting was created in 1933 and is of Atama Paparangi. A Chieftain of the Rarawa Tribe of Maoris, New Zealand. After a successful career Goldie passed away in 1947.

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