Tuesday Art ATTACK- Leonid Mikhailovich Brailovsky “Easter Night”

Leonid Mikhailovich Brailovsky EASTER NIGHTRussian painter, designer, and architect Leonid Mikhailovich Brailovsky was born to a noble family in Kharkiv, Imperial Russia in 1867. Brailovsky started his art career as a architect. He graduated with top honors from the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1894. Brailovsky taught architecture and was a practicing architect until 1909 when he became a noted set decorator. Brailovsky is best known for his paintings. A strong influence of his work was architecture, Brailovsky painting's mostly focused on churches and historic buildings. Brailovsky fled Russia after the October Revolution in 1919 and eventually settled in Rome. Being forced to leave his Motherland Brailovsky, a patriot, missed his homeland and created many works celebrating old Russia. Brailovsky never made it back to Russia and passed away in the Eternal City in 1937.

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