Tuesday Art ATTACK- Sergei Arsenevich Vinogradov "Workers At Lunch”

Sergei Vinogradov Workers at LunchRussian artist Sergei Arsenevich Vinogradov was born in the settlement of Bol’shie Soli, Kostroma Province in Imperial Russia 1869. He studied art at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. Vinogradov became known for his work that showcased daily Russian life. Vinogradov was a member of the, "peredvizhniki", art group that focused on bringing art to the common people of Russia. Through his work Vinogradov showed his love for Russia and its culture. With the collapse of the Russian Empire and rise of the USSR Vinogradov moved to Latvia were he worked and taught until his death in 1938. "Workers At Lunch" was painted in 1890.

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