Tuesday Art ATTACK- Piet Mondrian "Composition in Red Blue and Yellow"

Piet Mondrian Composition in Red Blue and YellowDutch painter Piet Mondrian was born in Amersfoort, Netherlands on March 7, 1872. Mondrian was the most important artist in the Neo-Plasticism art movement. The Neo-Plasticism movement practiced pure abstraction by striping work down to pure composition using little color. Most work only used the primary colors or black and white. Mondrian learned art from his father a qualified painting teacher and studied at the Academy for Fine Art in Amsterdam. Mondrian was deeply spiritual, his work was influenced by his internal search for knowledge. This painting "Composition in Red Blue and Yellow" is from his most well-known period and was created between 1937-1942. Mondrain moved to New York to escape the threat of World War II in 1938. After a powerful career he passed away in 1944.

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