Tuesday Art ATTACK- Willaim Morris “Wandle”

William Morris Wandle 1883-4English artist William Morris was a man of many talents. Morris was born in Walthamstow, England in 1834. He was one of the most influential creative minds of the Victorian period in England. He excelled in many areas from graphic design to writing novels. Morris's love for Medieval and Romantic design caused him to found the design firm Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co.. Morris wanted to bring a hand made esthetic back to the society. His firm which later changed its name to Morris & Co. focused on Wall Paper, Stained Glass, and Textiles among other things. Morris created many of the wall paper and textile designs himself and they have become his most famous work. He is well-known for his powerful floral motifs. The wall paper design on display here is titled "Wandle" and was created between 1883 and 1884 Morris focused in his later years on writing fantasy novels. He is noted for his revolutionary works in fantasy which were some of the first to take place in completely imagined worlds. Some of his work includes "The Well at the World's End" and "The Story of the Glittering Plain". Morris passed away in 1896.

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