Tuesday Art ATTACK- Eugene Grasset- Lithograph From 1895

Eugene Grasset was born in Lausanne, Switzerland on May 5, 1845. His father was a skilled cabinet maker and sculptor, Grasset followed him in his artistic footsteps. Grasset studied drawing under Francois-Louis David Bocion. Wanting to be a architect he moved to Zurich to learn the trade in 1861. When he graduated he moved to Paris, France and dabbled in many fields like furniture, fabric, ceramic, and jewelry design. Feeling unsatisfied he decided to turn his focus to graphic design in 1877. He mainly worked on poster design and decorative panels for books. His posters were very popular in France and America. Grasset work was influenced by classical design, Japanese art, and Ancient Egypt. This is a poster he made in 1895 and was sold throughout Paris. Grasset passed away in Paris in 1917.

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