Tuesday Art ATTACK- Art Direction By Norman Rockwell “Closing a Summer Cottage, Quogue, New York"

In 1950 Kodak Film started an installation in Grand Central Terminal in New York, New York that displayed gigantic panoramic photos known as Colorama. These images were known as the largest photographic prints in the world and were used to promote Kodak’s quality and good name. The giant transparencies measured a whopping 18 x 60 feet and showed idealistic images of American life. Every three weeks Kodak would put up a new image with a total 565 Colorama’s displayed throughout the years. In 1957 Norman Rockwell, famed illustrator, was hired to be the art director for the latest Colorama. Rockwell's work was very idealistic American so he was a perfect fit. This image was photographed by Ralph Amdursky and Charles Baker. The Colorama's ended in 1990 when the Colorama box was taken down because of the restoration of Grand Central Terminal. Preservationists wanted to make the Grand Central Terminal more original.

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