Tuesday Art ATTACK- James Northfield “Australia”

.James Northfield was born in the small Australian town of Inverleigh, Victoria in 1887. He received his art education at the Geelong Institute of Technology in Geelong, Victoria. After he graduated he got an apprenticeship at F.W. Niven & Co a well-known printing firm. During his tenure there he created many propaganda posters for WWI. In 1922 Northfield started his own studio in Flinders Street, Melbourne. He received much success in his commercial work and became one of Australia’s premiere commercial artists. Northfields studio specialized in lithographic travel advertising posters. The most well-known works from his career are his travel posters that feature his native Australia. By the beginning of the 1950s Northfield devoted less and less time to commercial work and focused on oil landscapes. Northfield continued to paint until he passed away in 1973. His work helped establish and promote Australia’s national identity. This poster is a lithograph created in 1935.

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