Tuesday Art ATTACK- Frederic Remington “The Grass Fire”

The American West will be forever linked to the work of Frederic Remington. Remington’s Father a successful Civil War Colonel originally wanted his son to go to West Point but young Fredric’s grades made that an impossibility. Remington decided he wanted to be a journalist and an artist on the side. He enrolled at Yale University’s art program but was not very committed. He put his efforts into playing on the Yale football team. He left Yale in 1879 to tend to his dying father. When his father died he used his inheritance to move out west. After he failed as a rancher and a saloon owner he needed money and fell back on his art career. He went back to school finished up his art studies at the Art Students League of New York. With the financial support of his Uncle and Wife he began his art career. He was very successful in own time. He held many exhibitions as well as having a very prosperous illustration career. This painting is titled “The Grass Fire”. The contrast between the fire and dark night sky is very dramatic. It was painted in oil in 1908. Frederic Remington died in 1909.

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