Tuesday Art ATTACK- John Pettie “The Chieftain's Candlesticks”

John Pettie was a Scottish artist during the 1800s. He was born in Edinburgh in 1839. Pettie went to Trustees Academy in Edinburgh. His work has a very bold look to it. Pettie used shadow and light in his compositions to create a dark brooding feel. In this great example of his work “The Chieftain's Candlesticks”. The power of the painting is his use of light and a three point composition. Many of his works dealt with his Scottish heritage and the Revolution of 1745, lead by the Pretender to the English throne Bonnie Prince Charlie. The Scottish Highlander Clans supported the House of Stuart and wanted to return the family to the throne. The House of Stuart lost control of the throne when Prince Charles grandfather James II fled England during the Glorious Revolution in 1688. The Revolution of 1745 is a very romanticized time in Scottish history. John Pettie worked out of London and also illustrated many books in his career. He passed away in 1893.

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