Tuesday Art ATTACK- Snoop Dogg


By Christian Franzen

Snoop Dogg was born in beautiful Long Beach, California on october 20th, 1971. Snoop is most prominently known for his music career, however in recent years Snoop has turned some of his creativity in a new direction to pursue expressing himself through the art of painting. With no fundamental art instruction under his belt Snoop's work exhibits a bold avant-garde flavor linked to urban inspiration. In an interview about his work Snoop stated, "
Sometimes the music in my life don't explain exactly what I'm going through, so [painting] is another piece of the puzzle,”. Within Snoop's painting their is also a highly musical quality about them and how the colors he chooses rhythmically  hop throughout each work. If you have some free time you should check some of his work out online, it's pretty cool.


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