Summer Songs- SO-Cal Summer By Avid Dancer

Jacob Summers or as he goes by Avid Dancer beautifully crafts songs with a yearning and angst that grab your ear!! Avid Dancer has a way of pulling you and keeping you captivated with every note! With ranging voice that's good to move your feet or just lay back you always want more! Check out Avid Dancers debut album "1st Bath" out now!!! Also take a listen to his amazing summer playlist below!!

What could be more SO-Cal than releasing a Summer playlist in April?   Well, I certainly can't think of anything.  Well, wait- perhaps 
a walk down the Venice Beach board-walk, openly smoking a huge J while watching the skin-parade through darkly tinted sunglasses...  In April...  WHILE listening to this playlist.  (Obvio)  I don't want to write a novel here, and let's face it- I'm not a writer so I won't bore you with a rant about why I picked these songs, where you should listen to them or what you should be doing while listening.  Do your thing, be you.  DO you.  Shit.  I just dig on these songs.  I know some of these folks, one I produced, some are label mates and the others I'm probably playing a show with in the near future.  I like to keep things family.  
01 Modern Phenomenon - Northern American
02 Flesh Dance - Gothic Tropic
03 Year Past 23 - Kera and the Lesbians
04 Surf Beach - Modern Nomad
05 Someday - Banta
06 James Supercave - Burn
07 All Alone (On My Own) - Michael Rault
08 Something to Believe In - Tall Tales & the Silver Lining
09 Walk To The One You Love - Twin Peaks 


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