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Puppy Stopnik

Posted on December 26 2015

By Puppy Stopnik

Greta Simone Kline, better known as her stage name, is a singer/ song writer from New York. Greta is the daughter of award winner actor Kevin Kline and actress Phoebe Cates. She was introduced to music by her family. Greta chose the guitar as her primary instrument in the seventh grade, After playing the piano and drums.

She was homeschooled for most of high school. She spent a lot of time attending underground rock shows in Westchester, NY.

She started performing and recording independently and released a number of recordings mainly under her Bandcamp account.

In early 2010 Greta was introduced to the music culture of Purchase College, which brought her to independent Double Double Whammy record label. In late 2011 she started performing under the name of "Frankie Cosmos".

Greta has made many demos but released her first professional album in 2014. The album was called Zentropy. Zentropy is a non-existing word Greta made up. Most of her songs were about her dog. When her dog died it was devastating to Greta. She wrote a lot of songs about his death. Greta plays bass in her boyfriend's band "Porches". He also plays drums in her band.

Releasing over 25 songs is quite an accomplishment for her young age. Most of them are short melodies. Grettas true passion is 100% music, she never stops.

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