Puppy's Planet!!! Girlpool <3!!!!

Puppy Stopnik

Posted on March 05 2016

By Puppy Stopnik

Girlpool is a folk punk band from Los Angeles, created in 2013. Girlpool is made of members Cleo Tucker (guitar and vocals) and Harmony Tividad (bass and vocals). They don't have a drummer, just bass and guitar, which is pretty rad.

Their self titled debut EP was put on Bandcamp in 2014 but was re-released later that year on Wichita Recordings. With short red hair and rainbow socks, these girls are the most stylish and talented on the west coast. They released an album on June 2, 2015 title "Before the World was Big" also on Whichita recordings.

The melody Girlpool makes is breathtaking. My personal favorite song would have to be "Cut Your Bangs."

Right now they are currently touring the East Coast. I hope they can make it to my side of the land so I can see them live!

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