Puppy's Planet!!! The Garden

Puppy Stopnik

Posted on February 26 2016

By Puppy Stopnik

The Garden is a duo Punk band from Orange County. It consists of twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. The Garden started in early 2011. With just Fletcher on drums and Wyatt on bass and vocals, the fast pace brothers rip through the Orange County music scene.

In 2013 the brothers released their first full-length album titled "The Life and Times of a Paperclip" on Burger Records. Fletcher and Wyatt are creating a whole new music genre...."Vada Vada" I should say. On top of their music ability they are also quite good at hockey. A little while after the release of their album, Fletcher began releasing some material from his side project "Puzzle" and Wyatt started sharing his project "Enjoy" consisting of synth/bass.

The Garden toured extensively in 2014 and 2015, stopping in Tokyo, the US, and Europe. In fall 2015 they issued the album "HaHa." The Garden is like no other. They are showing us a whole different side of music. He sums up their career quite simply in an interview with MTV. "We walk quickly. We dressed quickly. We work quickly. We record quickly."

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